Friday, April 26, 2013

Hello. I missed you.

Wow, I haven't been here for a very long time. I missed this blog. Well, for sure nobody's checking back here anymore. But just in case somebody missed me...I moved my blog to

I figured I'll be posting here every once in a while just to keep this blog alive (for memories' sake). I missed my posts here and the people who commented and followed me. I missed you. :(

Just a quick update...A lot has happened in my life since I stopped blogging here. Graduated. Married. Pregnant. Son. I have a new life now, but I surely miss my old one. I wish I could keep in touch with my old friends. You know who you are.

Well, till my next post. Hopefully soon. Ciao!


Tuesday, December 15, 2009

My Most Memorable Christmas (Entry for Loving it by Jo-an) :)

2008 has been my Favorite Christmas, so far. Why? Because...
♥ I was able to spend it not only with my Family and boyfriend, but our relatives as well.

♥I was able to get two gifts from people! ( since my birthday's on the 23rd of December)

♥I received LOTS of Gifts!
♥I was able to stay awake just to see the sun shining, greeting me "Hello Lana, Merry Christmas! :D"


Monday, August 24, 2009

Mended Hearts

Two people arguing. She thinks she’s right. He thinks he’s right. But they’re both wrong. Two sides, like a reversed magnet, that never connects.

Foolish words are said. Never meant to hurt but still did. Slowly falling down. Feeling cold. Feeling numb.

Wait. Stop. Breathe. Let go.

Reach out. Meet each other halfway. Give out your hand. Compromise. Give love. Peace. Happiness.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Are You a Philip or a Mary?

By: Lana Sanchez

When it comes to facing problems, how do you deal with it? There are two possible ways of dealing with problems. Do you question God or do you put your trust in Him no matter what? There are two Biblical characters that demonstrate each of these ways. At the end, try to see if you are a Philip or a Mary.

Philip is an evangelist of the early church. He was one of the disciples who were with Jesus during the feeding of the five thousand. When Jesus asked Philip where they should buy bread for all of the people, Philip panicked and doubted the powers of Jesus. He was worried that their wages would not buy enough bread for each one to have a bite (John 6:5-7). Philip’s reaction was based on the resources that they have. He concluded that they are helpless without even thinking about Jesus and how He can help them. Some people like Philip easily give up when problem arises. They think that they could not handle them and that no one will help them, but God never gives us a problem that we couldn’t handle.

Mary, on the other hand, is the mother of Jesus. She requested Jesus’ first miracle at the wedding in Cana. When she saw that the wine was gone, she told Jesus about the problem. Even if Jesus answered that it is not yet His time, Mary still told the servants to do whatever Jesus commands them to do (John 2:1-5). Mary persisted even though Jesus showed His lack of concern and she was still ready to obey whatever Jesus would say. She puts her trust in Jesus no matter what. Some people would share their problems to Jesus because they believe that Jesus is bigger than their problems and that he would help them in His time. God’s will is always the best and we should learn to give up our lives to Him, trust Him no matter what and be ready to obey whatever he commands us to do. That is what a true follower of Jesus should do.

So when a problem arises in your life…how would you deal with it? Are you a Philip or a Mary?

Just keep breathing.

The door slams I wake up
Another illusion I have made of this
I cry I swept away every tear that I've cried
And I swear this was your choice
So save me from falling with the sound of your voice

Are you lonely? Do you hold back?
Will the road ahead keep you on track?
I know you made what real for
but I can't help to die just a little bit more

I'll miss your every moment
I can't hold it
And I swear
I'll miss your perfect charming selfishness
I can't say goodbye, say goodbye

So here goes my last chance
Of an hopeless romantic and I don't understand
Why you don't, why you wanna show
Your dangerously enemy and it's tragic so pathetic
I'm in love with you and you just don't get it

So when you lay your head at night do you think of me?
Do you think it's right to leave me here to kick myself
to hate myself for all that I felt?

I'll miss your every moment
I can't hold it
And I swear
I'll miss your perfect charming selfishness
I can't say goodbye, say goodbye

So I sit here finding a way
Surrounded but still lonely
Your absence here doesn't help, it doesn't help
Cause every time I look to you
A mild depression comes screaming through
I don't know myself, we don't know ourselves

So make me this promise, yeah?
Say it with an object tone
Emotion feeling, can't stop spinning
Just keep breathing, say you need me

I'll miss your every moment
I can't hold it
And I swear
I'll miss your perfect charming selfishness
I can't watch you go
why'd you go?

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Household of Believers

As I started to be a Christian, I felt like I was adopted into another family. Christians, for me, are people who accepted our Lord Jesus Christ and follow His footsteps. As I got into this new family, I began to feel like a different kind of person. It’s like I suddenly have the whole world as my siblings and God as our Father. Being in this kind of family, like a potter molding clay to form a beautiful creation, we must also be molded with values that can affect us and our new Christian family.

Family affection

“Love must be sincere. Hate what is evil; cling to what is good. Be devoted to one another on brotherly love. Honor one another above yourselves.” – Rom 12: 9-10

As a member of a Christian family, we should let our love be without hypocrisy. Christians should be kindly affectionate to one another. Following God’s footsteps means doing what he’s doing. We must love others the way God loves us. We must be honest in our love and turn back on whatever is wrong or bad.

It is a sad fact that people do more bad things than good nowadays. Examples of such can be seen in the news like killings, kidnappings, rape, accidents, stealing and more. We certainly cannot change a person’s ways or attitude, but we can start with love as our guide and be a model to others. We shouldn’t repay evil for evil for we gain nothing but an evil reputation, but if we repay evil for good, we walk in the sight of the Lord and we prevent bad things from getting worse.

Giving honor to people is also one way of showing affection. Honoring our pastors can boost their confidence and give them the idea that God is supporting them. But giving honor is not just for our pastors but to all the members of our Christian family. Honor is like this price we get for doing our part as a member of this family.

Family attitude

“Never be lacking in zeal, but keep your spiritual fervor, serving the Lord. Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.”- Rom 12: 11-12

Christians should be fervent in spirit. When we say “fervent”, it simply means eagerness to serve God. We should be active in doing God’s mission for us which is to spread his Good News to all. Some people are just willing to help out people they know or even just people they love, but being the children of God, we must not pick out people to help but be open arms to all the people because God desires for all to be saved (Rom. 10: 12).

Christians should also be able to endure tribulations. No one ever said that accepting the Lord Jesus as our personal Lord, God and Savior means that we will be free from pain, sufferings and trials. Being in this family, we should be strong enough to fight against the evil one. Satan would do everything to put our faith down but we must always put in our mind that with God, nothing is impossible (Lk. 1:37)

Family sharing

“Share with God’s people who are in need. Practice hospitality.”- Rom. 12:13

Sometimes, people find it hard to give love to a stranger. Like giving alms to the needy, donating old clothes to the orphanage or simply helping an old lady cross the street. Giving love to a stranger is one of the important values that we should have, as a member of this family (Heb. 13:2). Simple gestures like that to people we don’t know gives them the idea of God’s love. Maybe after we do those gestures, we can say “God loves you”, as a way of sharing God to them. We should not hesitate to share our love to others just as God shared his most precious treasure, which is Jesus Christ, to us.

In conclusion, loving one another is not just the second greatest commandment that God gave us, but it is our duty as a Christian (2 Jn. 4-5). Loving others is our way of thanking God for everything that he has done for us. It is the key to uniting the Christians in this world. As a member of God’s family, we must live in love because love leads the way to God.

Article made by: Ana Sanchez

Monday, July 27, 2009

never let you know...

So I wrote you a song
Hoping this makes things ok
But I know it’s all different now
We have our own separate ways

Sometimes I’ll reminisce all those happy days we had
Coffee shops, deep talks and surprises that made me smile
It makes me wish we’d go back in time
And stay there together even for just a little while

Because my friend, I really miss you
Can’t say it but its true
I’ll lock this feeling deep inside
Thought at night, I lie awake and cried.

Many times I want to apologize
For ever playing and messing with your mind
Though I’d love to keep you mine
But I guess I’m not your heroine

It’s hard to let you go
Though it kills me,
I’ll just never let you know.

Monday, June 8, 2009


Hello sunlight,
It’s good to have you back in my life.
I regretted the moment I left you out there all alone.
I regretted the moments I didn’t let your beam of light enter my dark life.

Hello bliss,
It’s good to feel you again.
I have forgotten how you put the smile on my face.
I regretted losing this feeling, this emotion that makes my world go round.

Hello joy,
Welcome back.
I felt very unhealthy when you were gone.
Don’t ever leave again.

Hello love,
I don’t ever want to let you go again.
And people always say that if you love something, let it go. If it comes back to you, it’s yours forever. If it doesn’t, then it was never meant to be.
Now I hope to say hello to Forever.