Tuesday, August 14, 2007

who i've become...

Who Ive become
Is someone you dont know
Who Ive become
Is someone who doesnt show
Their feelings or their pain
Who doesnt let their tears fall like rain
Ive become my own person
Im no longer you
No longer pathetic
And never knowing what to do
You made me who I was
I made me who I am
A girl in love with a guy
A guy who would for her, die
A guy who holds her just because he can
A guy who calls her beautiful not hot like most guys chant
A guy who kisses her sweetly
A guy who loves her unconditionally
A guy who misses her so
A guy who dreams about her no matter where he goes
I am a girl who loves until her hearts content
A girl who says I love you and it is meant
This girl is herself
Nobody else
This girl has become someone you have not
This girl was yours or so you thought
This girl is free
Why cant you see?
This girl is me
So let me be

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