Wednesday, November 7, 2007

my sembreak story

oh's been awhile since my last blog's already past our 3rd anniversary...OMG..i really still can't believe we've lasted this long... come to think of it..he's my first don't know what to say...

im just soo glad everythings changed from the way we used to be...well...we both changed...for the better[hopefully]...well..what happened to me this sembreak? a lot!

first was ofcourse: our 3rd anniversary october 23, 2007... :D

we didnt really plan what we're gonna do for this day...all i know is we're gonna do the same old things like watch a movie and eat i woke up later than the usual...then i went to the salon to have my nails done to waste time so that i wouldnt have to wait before he picks me up.(salon de alba 200php only! footspa with mani and pedi!) hahaha..anyway..he wasnt texting till after lunch..he said he just woke up.. ok fine..then i told him that he can pick me up at i was ready at about 345...he wasnt texting so i got a little irritated (who wouldnt?! when you wore your best dress and fixed yourself for this special day)...then finally at 545..he arrived at my waited for 2 hours...but its ok..i promised myself i will restrain myself from getting hot-tempered that i asked what's the plan..he told me that he reserved a dinnerdate for the two of us somewhere but its at 630 in the we stopped by his house cuz he said we're gonna wait there.. when we went up to his room..OMG! rose petals all over the floor..and in the middle of his room..a candlelit dinner setup for was really surprised..he's not really the type of guy who would do this...then he gave me a "large" bouquet of flowers..and asked me to sit down...he had another surprise which was the presentation he made for me [awww].... it was just a short ppt presentation but it really melted my we ate his "own special dinner"...after eating, we danced hahaha...i ssoooo loved everything... wow..i just made kweto the whole thing hahaha!!! :D

next is my dad and his mom's birthday october 26, 2007 [yes! both on the same day!! no joke !:D]

i had my driving lessons this day also...and he's my chaperone! hahaha..oh well we went to his mom's party at their house and i changed there...then my dad picked me up for our family dinner for my dad's bday...[he was not invited cuz it's only for family :(] then my dad dropped me again to their place cuz i still wanna see him and i also wanna celebrate his mom's bday..hahaha... fun day!! :D

next was our church (JILGS) 10th building anniversary!! :D october 27, 2007..

our band " Infant Praise" played our new song [ it will be included in our "upcoming album" :D] the pianist and backup vocals of the band..not the vocalist anymore:( we have a new female vocalist,Pao :)

next was JILGS's 2-day sportsfest!!! october 31, 2007[first day]..

we went to Rainforest in pasig :D woohoo swimming!!!... mark pushed me in the pool :( hahaha...because everyone was asking me to go in the pool but i dont wanna go i dont want to get my hair wet [wtf?!?!hahaha ang arte!! i dunno why?] so one time mark asked me to go with him to get some drinks so i stood up then he pushed me!! waaahhh..didnt see that one coming!! hahaha everyone was laughing...then i pretended to cry so mark took my hand but i also pulled him in!hahahaha... laughtrip!!!...btw..he won the best swimmer!hahaha.. im soo proud..

after the sportsthing, we went back to his house and rested[sleeping bears] hahaha...then we went to my house because we have a halloween party...but i didnt really dress up cuz im a christian now and its bad to celebrate halloween for us :( i just changed what im wearing...i wore the same outfit he was wearing..haha just plain black shirt and army shorts...haha.we're like twins :D...

next was all souls day november 1, 2007..

my family went to loyola memorial park...woohoo...another reunion with my relatives..hahaha...oh was fun...i caught up with the latest chikas of my cousins...hahaha...there's this one guy who came up to me while i was talking with my cousin and he said "hi miss..uhm..pwede makipagkilala?" and my cousin laughed soo hard...and my cousin said.."no.illegal!!"...hahaha.. then we ran away...hahaha lol...

next was tha 2nd day of JILGS sportsfest november 2, 2007

we went to the basketball court somewhere in pasig...and mark played basketball but their team lost... :( i played volleyball and my team also lost:( we're losers :'( hahahaha..but its aryt..we had soo much fun..i just got several arm bruises cuz of volleyball :(

lastly...2nd semester first day! november 7, 2007!!

woohoo.i just soo love seeing my friends again..i soo missed them...hhahaha... btw all my profs are guys :o's gay i think...hahahaha...

oh it obvious now that A LOT happened to me this sembreak?...hahahha..well...gonna post again for latest updates...hahahaha...go see my multiply for more pictures :D muah :x

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