Wednesday, January 28, 2009

moving on...

A strangled smile fell from your faceWhat kills me that I hurt you this wayThe worst part is that I didn't even knowNow there's a million reasons for you to goBut if you can find a reason to stayI'll do whatever it takesTo turn this aroundI know what's at stakeI know that I've let you downAnd if you give me a chanceBelieve that I can changeI'll keep us together whatever it takes
- Lifehouse “whatever it takes”

I finally found myself some time to blog. I know I have been so quiet lately. Well, believe me…there’s lotsa reasons behind this quietness.

For the past months and weeks, I’ve been busy… with school, family, friends, love, and of course…problems. Yes. I’ve never been that girl who asks for help whenever she had a problem. I’m just the “keep-it-to-yourself” type of girl. I don’t usually share my problems except if I really needed to release the fire in me…and I only tell it to those people whom I really trust. If you’re one of them…well, you’re one of my true friends. But lately, I don’t feel the need to discuss my problems to others. Even if it haunts me even in my dreams, I just…let it flow. I try to get busy in school and also try not to think about it but sometimes…you just can’t fight fate (I guess). This stupid fate finds a way to make you face the problems you’re trying to avoid. Well, I guess that’s the way the world revolves. And hell yeah, I can’t do anything about it.

I really miss the past, but I’m really trying my best to erase some of the memories. Sometimes I wish I have a memory card in my brain where I can erase or delete some memories…but what I just put in my mind is that memories are there to shape and complete you. may it be good or bad memories.

In times of my problems, I just realized that can’t erase memories…and you can’t turn back time or take back what you already said or did. The only thing you can do is Move On and Change.

And that has been my new year’s resolution and goal for this year. To move on and change. I promised myself that whatever happens, I’ll forgive and forget and accept the good and the bad. If I want things to happen, I’ll take the risk and not waste time because I don’t want to experience regret and “what if’s” anymore.

Anyway, so much for my first blog this year. I hope I can update every week. School’s hella crazy lately. So many schoolworks. Goodbye social life. I’ll see you when I graduate.

If ever you read this entry the whole way through…thanks for your time

Lotsa love, LP ♥

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