Friday, June 5, 2009

Monsters in Life

I’ve been so pissed off lately to people who keep on bugging me with my life. I hate people who think that they know what’s best for you. I mean hello, you may think you know what’s best for me but don’t have the power to change what I want in my life. After all, it is MY life not yours. Some people tend to interfere in other people’s lives but they don’t even have the single idea that they too need to change their own lives as well. I give exceptions to parents though because they were the ones who made you so they have some say to how you live your life. And I thank God for giving me such understanding parents who respects me with my own decisions in my life. They don’t really bug the hell out of me like this one stupid person. Let’s call her “monster”.

Monster doesn’t know her limits. She’s very open to her ideas and she blabs about everything. She doesn’t know when to stop or she doesn’t know if she’s hurting other people already. She thinks she’s always right and is always doing or saying the right things but damn, it’s the opposite. She’ll bribe you with things at first but afterward... you have to be her slave and do everything she wants you to do. That’s how worst monster is. She’ll be good to you at first but after everything, she’ll back stab you and say bad things behind your back. But when other people are there, she’ll act nice and innocent. She’s very jealous if you get all the credit and would find ways to turn the tables around and be the innocent hero to the story when the truth is she’s the villain. I hate the fact that monster uses God as a reason to be innocent in everything that she does. She thinks that if she mentions God’s name, she would be the “good servant”. C’mon! Wake up! You of all people should know that you cannot use the Lord’s name in vain. I couldn’t stand all her complaints and grumbles about everything and everyone. MIND YOUR OWN DAMN BUSINESS AND STAY THE HELL OUTTA MY LIFE!!

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