Monday, July 27, 2009

never let you know...

So I wrote you a song
Hoping this makes things ok
But I know it’s all different now
We have our own separate ways

Sometimes I’ll reminisce all those happy days we had
Coffee shops, deep talks and surprises that made me smile
It makes me wish we’d go back in time
And stay there together even for just a little while

Because my friend, I really miss you
Can’t say it but its true
I’ll lock this feeling deep inside
Thought at night, I lie awake and cried.

Many times I want to apologize
For ever playing and messing with your mind
Though I’d love to keep you mine
But I guess I’m not your heroine

It’s hard to let you go
Though it kills me,
I’ll just never let you know.


Lola and Lala said...

Lana, totoo ba ito? Like is it meant for someone? We need some catching up to do. Then I'll tell you kung sino yung naisip ko dito. :)

Lana Parcs said...

Hello :) thank you for the comment. I never thought people would read my entries. Anyway, do you have YM? Maybe we can talk there :) add me up:

lana parcs said...

angela! lol..haha is this you sistah??

Lola and Lala said...

yes it's me Sista! Sorry if ever I scared you or something. I forgot to let you know it was me. hihi : )