Wednesday, May 14, 2008


well i couldnt think of a title for this blog entry.. actually i'm just really bored.. im sleepy but i dont wanna sleep yet.. i feel kinda sad at the moment cuz my rents' are preparing their things for their trip.. oh well.. i just feel like everyone's leaving me..first my brother..then my cousins.. now my parents.. even if they're gonna stay there for like 2 weeks or so..still they are leaving me.. and it really sucks.. im just gonna make myself busy with my ojt and other stuffs..
maybe... i'll find it fun that i'll be by myself for 2 weeks.. :) hopefully...
the sad part is..i cant drive LUNA while my dad is gone :( damn.. sucks for me...arrgghh.. i hate it when i'm not driving...

anyway..suddenly im lovin keyshia cole's "i remember" song :) i just like its beat.. even though the lyrics doesnt fit my current situation :) plus im addicted to ne-yo's song "Together"..and "make it work"..i love neyo's songs.. :) oh i almost forgot..rihanna's "take a bow"..damn..amazing song :)

anyway couldnt think of anything else to write... i'll update again later :) cheerios :x

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