Tuesday, May 13, 2008

updates :)

i haven't blogged for so long already... and there are so many things that happened in my life so far...
been working so hard at wowenkho studios with many friends :) im soo glad i got to spend my summer ojt with my soulmate, my sistah and all those MC friends :)
it was really fun and very tiring organizing an event. i learned so many things like vectors and photoshop, illustrator and silkscreen :) hope to learn more..
my dad actually allowed me to drive "luna"(that's what i call my car) till my work place which was at marcos highway.. :) i love driving :))
and btw i never really blogged about being in the church choir..YES! i am part of the choir..i soo love singing..im an alto :) i love singing for God..well since my band (infant praise) couldn't get together to practice..atleast i got the choir to keep me busy..and also im part of the music ministry for the JILGS youth service..i play the piano and do back-up vocals :)
i also learned how to play neyo's "Together" :) it's my inspiration song to actually learn how to play the piano...and now im so addicted to it :) and i also borrowed my cousin's electric drum..and im also sssooooo addicted to it :) haha...
well i got so bored today that's why i blogged..while watching the OC season 4 which i watched like 10 times already... :))
well my boss is explaining the silkscreening project..gotta listen...later loves :))

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