Saturday, July 5, 2008


"let go of the past and move on..."

well..i've encountered another conversation with him regarding the past..and...i've learned the way he talked about made me realize that...i have to be numb..i have to think positive and let go of whatever feeling i had of his past... and to think of it..he's got A LOT going on with his past... girls..fights...friends..and more...

before, i used to be so uber jealous of his past..all his stories of his past courtships..and whatsoever...

but now...i can say... that i moved on :)

im just so proud of myself that im beginning to feel this way..and just enjoy my time with him...

im not afraid anymore of my future with him..because i learned another new thing today from my professor Mrs. Antee :)

she told us about her lovelife..and well..she's still inlove with her 1st boyfriend even though she's got a husband already...but the important fact is that her husband knows about it and they(her first bf and her hubby) met several times already..but still Mrs. Antee kept her feelings and held on to her relationship with her husband...and the best part is...she told us her husband is soo boastful..but she still loves him because of what the bible said that the women should be submissive to their husband and in return..the husband should love their wife back..the same way God loves the church..he sacrificed himself to save us... :) *mushy*
well..the thing is.. i realize that i should be strong in our relationship..i have to believe that we'll be forever... :) LOVE ♥

but for those who doesn't have MR/MS love...well..time will come..and God will give you the best gift in the world :) you just have to be patient..and once you met him/ thankful and don't take them for granted :)

anyway.. lotsa learnings today.. i hope i inspired some of my readers today...

oh and btw..He knows about this blog na.. :)

ps. mariel..sorry..haha..nalaman niya eh...nakita niya while i was checkin it.. LOL..anyway...hope he likes it :)

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yehey!la lang..i am back!